Saturnine Martial & Lunatic
Boston Herald: October 13, 1996
by S.R.
©1996 Boston Herald Inc.

How English symphonic synth-popsters Tears for Fears went from the banal angst of "Shout, shout, let it all out" in 1985 to exploring the "vagaries of quantum physics" in 1996 on the plodding "Schrodinger's Cat" is quite a mystery. Whatever the course from pop cliche to utter pretension, the resulting collection of B-sides and rarities, Saturnine Martial & Lunatic, is a ludicrously overlong collection of soulless instrumental dance tracks, dated "I'm in pain" tunes, the requisite Beatles imitations and a useless Bowie cover. The most amusement comes from Roland Orzabal's liner notes. And that's not saying much.

Review Grade: 1 / 4 Stars